Feel the warmth of the island and enjoy its magic.

The island

A balcony overlooking the Aegean peeking at the primitive naturalistic frame. The island with its distinctive visual depiction and the scattered, crystal clear beaches, resting in the stone hug of rough rocks. The herbs follow sightseers around rejuvenating the senses and putting to sleep the unnecessary fatigue. Welcome to the paradise of immeasurable peace.

The village

A magic veil of mystery in the labyrinth of alleys of the Old Village revive the pirates past that left untouched the passage of the old times. Beautiful little houses enriched with colored flowers sprout from the cobblestone streets, raking up memories of a forgotten era. Indulge walking in nostalgic alleys and discover the low hills that create panoramic images in the endless sea.


Big rooms

All the rooms are ample and offer comfortable space and functionality.

Private balcony

All the rooms have a personal balcony overlooking the panoramic view.

Air conditioner

Air condition for an immediate use...


Big and functional kitchen to prepare your breakfast or to cook your favourite food.

Nice view

Fantastic view to the sea and the cobblestone alleys of the Old Village.


You are in the center of the traditional settlement which serves your immediate and basic needs.


Necessary, you like it or not... to keep in touch.


If you decided you don't want to leave it behind or if you just want to enjoy it!